HTML CSS: Basics and More

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Please be ready for this dorkshop by downloading Sublime Text latest version and Google Chrome browser

• Setting up a work environment
• Working on a clean and tidy environment.
• Development workflow of an HTML.
• FIle structure – Best practices on how keep you assets folder and stylesheets.

First Exercise: Css Shapes & Animations
• Absolute vs Relative Positioning.
• CSS shapes.
• Animations & Interactivity.
• Timing.
• Using CSS for creative applications.

Second Exercise: Grid & Responsive Design
• Structuring a grid a responsive grid using media queries.
• Breaking down the grid from columns and rows to code.
• Altering the grid with hover effects.
• Applying a grid to a navigation tool.

Tools to use
• Sublime
• Chrome+DevTools
• Google

Files from the dorkShop

Centering in CSS: A Complete Guide