Basics of UNITY

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Download and Install before beginning the workshop

• Will cover very basics of UNITY
• No prior experience is required.

Part 1: Intro to Unity 3D (2 Hours)

A. User Interface (Concepts)
– Scene
– Hierarchy
– Inspector
– Game
– Project

B. Unity 3D Concepts (Concepts)
– Assets
– Scenes
– Game Objects
– Components

C. The Workflow (Concepts)
– Sketching
– Creating 3D Objects
– Materials
– Scripts
– Lights
– Camera

D. The File Structure (IMPORTANT CONCEPT)

E. My First Project (Action)
– The Rolling Ball

Part 2: A Little Bit Advanced (1 Hour)
A. Building a World
– Terrain Editor
– First Person

B. Importing Worlds and Assets
– The Asset Store
– Online
– Third Person Character

C. Importing from Separate Applications (Intro only)
– Cinema 4D
– Maya
– 3Ds Max
– Other Places

D Exporting
– Build for Mac, PC and Web

Learning outcomes:
• Understand how UNITY works, make simple projects.

and there will be FREE PIZZA!

• Laptops